Sonny was a talented footballer from a young age. Then, he started hanging around with older guys and things changed: he felt the need to carry a knife to gain their respect.Sonny and his team

One night, Sonny was at a party where a fight broke out. He stepped in to protect his friend and was stabbed five times. When he woke up in hospital, his father was standing over him.

Seeing the pain in his dad’s face, he was overcome with the hurt he had caused his family. Carrying a knife hadn’t gained him respect; it had nearly cost him everything. That was when he made the decision to join the millions of young people that live knife free.

After nearly a month in hospital, Sonny wasn’t sure he’d ever play football like he used to. He made another decision. Determined to get back to full fitness, he stayed away from the streets and trained harder than ever. Now he’s pursuing his dream and the only people he wants to make proud are his family and his new teammates.

Sonny in his room

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